ZB Product Introductions

Z-axis Counterbalance System
  • In order to improve the concentricity and vertical shortcomings that traditional cylinders could not overcome, the double-spherical support counterweight cylinders is designed with double-spherical support movable joints, which can reach the processing accuracy and surface finish limit. Also solve the up crawling jitter and abnormal noise caused by lateral force.
  • Choose the most suitable seals, and piston rod and tube surface hardening and rust-proof treatment. Therefore, it can be suitable for various fluid power such ad counterweight power, such as high-pressure air, nitrogen, and hydraulic systems.
  • Because appropriate internal structure design, the leakage of high-pressure air, nitrogen and hydraulic oil of the fluid can be avoided, the service life can be extended, and reduce, maintenance costs.
  • Because the cylinder tube and seal is wear-resistant, it can be operated at high speed under different counterweight fluid power and is durable. (Compressed air, nitrogen 60M/min; hydraulic pressure 40M/min)