AHPT Product Introductions

Hydraulic Pump component
  • Driven by air pressure, the hydraulic pump will automatic stop when the hydraulic pressure reaches the setting value and automatic recharge the system for any pressure drop . It is the best choice to safety and steadily hold workpiece for cutting
  • It is most suitable for applications, which demand for high pressure and sustaining holding of workpiece.
  • Even continuous running for months, the oil temperature will not rise. This feature effectively remedies the high temperature problem of the motor hydraulic pump. In addition, it is different from other booster, this pneumatic driven pump can pump oil continuously.
  • As a pneumatic driven device, the cylinder can be instantly started or stopped, it has the merits of explosion-proof, energy-efficient and small size
  • Number of control valves can be selected as demand. Users may select double pumps model with high/low pressure pumps, large amount of oil output can degrease the action time for holding.