Hydraulic Cylinders

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Hydraulic Cylinder - Most Stable Assistant

Hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator (hydraulic actuator) that can convert hydraulic energy into mechanical force or motion. There is no transmission gap and the movement is stable, so it is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic systems also based on Pascal’s law of fluid pressure, which states that applying pressure to a fluid causes an equal amount of pressure exertion in each direction throughout the fluid.

Because the hydraulic cylinder has many advantages such as small size, large output, sensitive action and smooth action. The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is connected to the parts of the machine that need to move, so that they can easily push, pull and lift any kind of action.

During the industrial revolution, hydraulic cylinders were prevalent in manufacturing and production applications in factories. Now, hydraulic cylinders are used in equipment across a wide range of industries such as Construction, Agriculture, Heavy Machine, Mining, Fishing and manufacturing.

We provide a variety of hydraulic cylinders suitable for high output force to support you complete many mechanical handling and working. We also provide ultra-thin small hydraulic cylinders, allowing you to maintain or achieve target requirements in a restricted work environment. HINAKA hydraulic cylinders also break through the buffer limit, any of our hydraulic cylinders can achieve the effect of buffering, so that the end point operation can be smoother and does not hurt the machine.

For assistance in specifying the most appropriate product, please email our team : sam528@hinaka.com.tw