Boosting Cylinder

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Boosting Cylinder- Combination Of Pneumatic and Hydraulic

Boosting cylinder is also referred as an intensifier. It helps in increasing the flow of a fluid, usually used in industrial applications. It can be used in any application that requires a high output booster force, including CNC machines, molding machine and punches machine, etc.

Boosting cylinder uses low-pressure fluids to develop a higher-pressure fluid in a smaller quantity for industrial applications. It can enter the cylinder through high-pressure air, and push the piston rod with high pressure quickly to compress the operating oil in the cylinder, to generate high-pressure output force or oil capacity. Modular design, built-in flow circuit system, and with the most suitable seal design, make the life cycle very long and high quality without leakage.

HINAKA are committed to the development of boosting systems, with 15 years of experience in the industry, and also are our main products with very skilled technology and the most adaptable cylinder.

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