The Secret Of Machine Tool Stable Processing

The Secret Of Machine Tool Stable Processing

2021/ 12/ 06

The Secret Of Machine Tool Stable Processing

Counterweight System-The Most Important Screw For Machine Tool Operation

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Machine tools are used to cut and grind to make machines needed by processors. They are used in machinery, automobiles, electronics, molds, aerospace, etc., and are very important basic industries. The machinery industry is the foundation for the development of the manufacturing industry, and any manufacturing requires sophisticated equipment to complete.

The up and down movement of mechanical spindle produce gravity, acceleration, and temperature rise, which will affect the machinery positioning and repeatability precision. The counterweight system needs to be used to eliminate the inertia and enhances the processing precision and speed.


Counterweight System

Counter weight:Use the weight of the counterweight to offset the headstock, increase the speed of the machine tool and reduce the load on the screw and motor.

Pneumatic counterweight:The air pressure enters the air tank through the non-return valve, from the air tank to the air cylinder, the upward force of the piston keeps offsetting the weight of the headstock.

Hydraulic counterweight:The hydraulic pressure is transmitted to the hydraulic counterweight and to the headstock, which gives the headstock upward force and reduces the weight.

Nitrogen counterweight:Does not require external power equipment, saves energy, has better response characteristics, and is suitable for high-speed cutting. It occupies a small space and has a stable balance. At the same time, the weight of the headstock is directly transmitted to the base of the pillar, reducing the deformation of the pillar.

Servomotor counterweight:The pitch of screw is enlarged and the headstock does not have weight balance system. The servomotor directly drives the screw to make the spindle move up and down.

Improve To Be More Perfect

Due to the insufficient support length of the piston rod in the traditional counterweight cylinder, the amount of deflection during the up and down displacement is too large, which causes the wear of the front cover ring and low service life.


HINAKA counterweight system has passed three designs to improve reliability and service life

  1. A special design is added below the piston rod to allow oil to enter above the piston, so that area of thrust surface is the same as before.
  2. A stable structure is added to prevent the piston rod from deflection.
  3. Add floating terminal and spare parts to absorb or avoid the error of angle deflection and position deviation during installation.


Provide Best Products

ZBDAL Pneumatic Counterbalance Cylinder:The compression ratio of air pressure is greater than oil pressure, and the air will not produce excessive heat and friction when the z-axis is running at high speed. It is more suitable for high-speed processing machines.

ZBBAL Hydraulic Counterbalance Cylinder:Suitable for gantry-type cutting machine tools, installed on both sides of the z-axis to avoid interference with the spindle position.

ZBBA1 / ZBBA2 High And Low Voltage Shared Type:Combines the characteristics of hydraulic and pneumatic counterweights.




Precision - Soul Of Machine Tools

For a machine tool, accuracy is the most important criterion for quality.

In addition to repeated processing, things like creeping phenomenon, positioning error, resonance, etc., will affect the accuracy of the machine tool.


When the error is too large, it will not only affect the accuracy and quality of the processing, but also cause the scrap of the work piece. But the error is unavoidable, therefore, different solutions need to be formulated according to different reasons to control and reduce the error.