Give Me 3 Minutes : Let The Air Work For You

Give Me 3 Minutes : Let The Air Work For You

2021/ 12/ 14

Give Me 3 Minutes : Let The Air Work For You

A Good Partner To Improve Production Efficiency-Pneumatic Cylinder

Sales Department | Published in October 2021 | Editor: Judy | Verify: Sam


In recent years, due to the government has promoting of smart manufacturing and intelligent plant, the application of air pressure has played a very important role. In our daily life, many traditional occupation that are hand operation or manual handling. If we can appropriately change the mechanical devices and use air pressure as the basis of power control, this work can be more labor-saving, and even develop into an unmanned factory.


What Is Air Pressure?

Air occupies a certain space, but it has no fixed shape and volume. When pressure is applied to the air in a closed container, the volume of the air will be compressed, increasing the internal pressure. After the air is slowly compressed in the compressor, the pneumatic system needs to continuously supply air, so the compressed air must be stored in the air tank.


However, in addition to the compressed air forming the air pressure, in order to avoid the impurities and moisture in the air affect the air pressure components, it must be dry, clean and nearly aseptic. Therefore, must be used filtration device to complete it.

After the steps all complete, the air pressure can be used as the power resource for the air cylinder or air motor, and so on. In other words, the compressed air can be converted into energy.



Principles and Types of Pneumatic Cylinders.

The pressure acts on the piston, causing the piston to move along the direction in which the pressure is applied, and the piston rod transmits the force to the object that needs to be moved.


The most common types of pneumatic cylinders:

a. Single Pneumatic Cylinder

Air pressure enters the inside of the pneumatic cylinder from one end to push the piston rod outward, and the spring inside the air cylinder is compressed. When the air pressure disappears, the spring will return the piston rod. In addition to springs, there also has single pneumatic cylinder that return by external force.

b. Double Pneumatic Cylinder

Air pressure can be injected into both sides of the piston, and it can be operated in both directions. It is the most widely used pneumatic cylinder.


There are some pneumatic cylinders less frequently used but still used:

c. Double Rod Cylinder: The piston rod extends through both sides of the cylinder so that the force and speed are equal.

d. Cushioned Cylinder: Use the compressed air that has not yet been discharged to counterbalance the movement in the pneumatic cylinder.

e. Ram Cylinder: There has a pre-pressure accumulator inside, which uses fast moving to generate energy.

f. Rotating Pneumatic Cylinder: Push the air to rotating motion.

g. Rod less Pneumatic Cylinder:Assemble two pneumatic cylinders sharing a piston rod in series, without a piston rod.


The pneumatic element is quieter and cleaner, does not require a lot of space. It is suitable for environment that needs to be kept clean.




What improvement have been brought to life?

Pneumatic Cylinder Has Been Widely Used In Life.

The pneumatic power source is simple, easy to achieve the effect of low-cost automation. It is fast and highly adaptable. Whether the automation improvement or the new automatic machines, it can be connected to the point of application, and the installation is simply.

With the ever-changing nature of technology, there are more and more types of pneumatic cylinders, and different types of pneumatic cylinders are also used in different industries, such as the automotive industry, electronics manufacturing, food processing industry, and so on. In the face of the transformation of factories into automated production, the pneumatic cylinders will be more extensive and closely related to life.


Be Kind to the Environment.

Since the Industrial Revolution, In order to pursue high-tech life, human beings have over-development and neglected environmental protection issues. Some resources have been exhausted, and many waste disposal cannot be treated.

However, human have begun to pay attention to environmental issues again. The air cylinders widely used in various industries will filter solid impurities and moisture, so the pollution to the environment is the least.